“Ginger salad is one of the restaurant’s most beautiful appetizers. The salad arrives with the ingredients separated. There’s shredded ginger, sliced romaine, roasted coconut, cashews dried peas, peanuts, and sliced onions. Distinctive, garlicky vinaigrette emits a sweet, addicting aroma when everything gets tossed together, and the taste is even better than the smell.

Chicken satay, chicken breast cut in to pieces and threaded onto skewers, is flavored and tenderized by a soak in Thai spices and coconut milk, then striped on the grill giving out deep, rich tender taste. A zesty, red-onion-laced cucumber salad and a perfectly balanced peanut dipping sauce are welcome accompaniments.

Red curry, a sumptuous bowl of paprika-and-chili-tinged chicken breast, bamboo, and bell and jalapeno pepper, when poured over a side of fragrant jasmine rice, is a symphony of crisp, clear flavors. Peanut beef – strips of tenderloin smothered in peanut curry sauce are balanced with lightly sautéed spinach – balance out the richness of the meat taste.”

-Diablo Magazine-

icon_logo2“We traveled 67,000 miles coast to coast across the U.S.A. and visiting over 4,000 Thai restaurants, we sampled thousands of fantastic dishes… to find the best Thai restaurants in America.”

– The Best of 100 Thai restaurants in the U.S.A. 2007

icon_logo2“World Record Food Tasting”


icon_logo2“Best of the East Bay”

-Diablo Magazine 2005

icon_logo2Awarded “Best of LAMORINDA 2009”

-the Lamorinda Moms and Lamorinda Weekly.

icon_logo2Awarded “The Best of the Bay Area Dining”

-San Francisco Chronicle, July 8, 2001


A warm and welcoming staff, rich curries, delightful calamari and fried banana with ice cream.

-Diablo Magazine – diablomag.com